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Strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, cheeses, and yogurt are among the main products of Oasi Dynamo Società Agricola, which has been specializing in small-scale, non-intensive, and high-quality productions since 2015. The focus is on preserving the agricultural, livestock, and forestry traditions of the area, as well as maintaining the biohydro-geological balance of the territory.Oasi Dynamo Società Agricola has achieved excellent results with its products, which are enjoyed by guests of Dynamo Camp and Dynamo Academy. Some products are also sold through local businesses. Their offerings include small fruits, potatoes, cheeses, and yogurt. From mid-June to mid-July, they harvest organic strawberries of different varieties, producing around 700 kilograms per year, available in loose form or in packs of 250 or 500 grams. Throughout July, they have organic raspberries, producing approximately 150 kilograms per season. Towards the end of August, their organic potatoes come into season, with yellow and white flesh, and yellow and red skin, yielding around 10 quintals per year. Their cheese production, all made from organic milk, amounts to 5 thousand kilograms per year, featuring aged cheese made from whole unpasteurized milk, raw caciotte and primo sale made from pasteurized whole milk, as well as ricotta and whole white yogurt.

Beyond their production activities, Oasi Dynamo offers visitors the opportunity to learn about their unique agricultural practices and methods. Recently, students who participated in the Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement course of Dynamo Academy in collaboration with Active English (with upcoming editions in summer 2021 or upon request) had the chance to visit the farm, gaining insights into what it means to operate in a “protected area” and practice agriculture in harmony with the environment, adhering to the principles of the European Union’s rural development policy.


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