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Authenticity always wins

It’s a natural attitude for Dynamo. It’s the desire to always smile, to wholeheartedly commit without any pretense or biases. Its goal is to alleviate the burden of disease for campers and families and enhance their quality of life.

If there were a dictionary of the Dynamo language, under the heading “authenticity,” you would find: the innate desire to smile always, to wholeheartedly commit without reservations, letting go of any desire to appear or judge, embracing humility, all to uplift campers and families from the weight of illness and simply improve their quality of life. Authenticity is a fundamental aspect of Dynamo’s culture, empowering every staff member and volunteer to achieve the extraordinary. It creates an environment of positive energy, where sometimes words are not even necessary.

Giovanna Santella, a biologist from Naples, who joined Dynamo as a volunteer in 2014, has experienced the power of authenticity firsthand. Initially hesitant due to language barriers during her first international session, Giovanna soon discovered that verbal communication was not the only means to connect emotionally. She learned that at Dynamo, communication difficulties are not an obstacle, and genuine interactions can happen through simple gestures. Giovanna realized that Dynamo was where she belonged and felt the most alive, and she couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling path for herself.

Caterina Barbarulo, a 21-year-old medical student from Florence, had her life transformed by Dynamo when she first attended as a camper at the age of 13. Feeling lost due to her illness, Dynamo provided her with understanding and acceptance, creating deep connections without the need for many words. Now, as a volunteer and leader in training (LIT), Caterina cherishes the opportunity to reciprocate that same sense of understanding and acceptance to other campers. Being authentic is the key to forming meaningful connections with campers, allowing them to open up and trust.

Authenticity also means being 74 years old and traveling alone to Dynamo Camp, as exemplified by Ester Filippi, a retired teacher from Rome. Her selfless dedication to volunteering in the Dynamo canteen has brought her immense gratitude and joy. Ester feels rejuvenated and fulfilled after each experience at Dynamo, and she proudly shares her camp experiences with everyone she meets.

The authenticity of campers, like Davide Saccone, a 17-year-old from Milan who has been blind since birth, also profoundly influences the staff and volunteers. Davide’s enthusiastic endorsement of “Dainamo” (instead of Dynamo) shows the infectious joy and sense of belonging that Dynamo instills in its campers. He describes the camp as a place of total leisure, where campers forget all their worries and just enjoy the moment.

In conclusion, authenticity is the essence of Dynamo Camp, empowering everyone involved to create a remarkable and joyous experience for campers and families alike.


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