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Dynamo Academy Social Enterprise and Certifica Management have collaboratively designed an effective voluntary management system that enhances the philanthropic social sustainability strategy of organizations in the current complex and evolving post-pandemic scenario. As companies increasingly aim for greater inclusiveness in the economic system (stakeholder capitalism), it is crucial that they align their strategic approach to social sustainability with their business objectives.

The voluntary management system focuses on creating a better future for the community and reducing inequalities through actions like liberal donations (money, goods, or services) and corporate volunteering. The system ensures that the resources invested produce substantial and meaningful benefits, while also supporting the economic sustainability and profitability of the corporate world.

The system comprises a series of universally applicable steps and procedures, regardless of the company’s type, size, geographical location, or industrial sector. It addresses both external dimensions (community, beneficiaries, stakeholders) and internal dimensions (leadership and employees of the company) from the design stage to result monitoring and continuous improvement.

To proceed consistently with the philanthropic strategy, the organization must interpret certain concrete characteristics in its actions, which are translated into the design of suitable processes. This includes involving the beneficiary community, identifying their real needs, planning effective communication, promoting training and awareness, empowering the community, and investing in their human-social capital.

In addition, the organization needs to analyze stakeholders, define criteria for their identification, and map their relevant requirements and expectations. The system also includes monitoring recipient/beneficiary satisfaction with explicit and implicit requirements.

From an internal perspective, successful implementation of the management system requires leadership, responsibility, and commitment from management or the board. They must establish policies and objectives for the philanthropic strategy that align with the organization’s context, strategic guidelines, and business processes. Management should also ensure that the system is coherent and involves active participation, encouraging bottom-up involvement from different levels.

An appropriate environment for the organization consists of non-discriminatory and non-conflictual social conditions and psychological factors like stress reduction and emotional protection.

Once the philanthropic strategy is defined, the organization outlines individual actions (initiatives) with specific areas and intensity of intervention, supporting reasons, type of contribution, and alignment with overall social sustainability strategies and business objectives.

To ensure effectiveness, the organization evaluates internal and external factors that may impact the achievement of philanthropic objectives and compliance with requirements. External partners’ processes, products, and services must also meet established requirements, and appropriate controls must be implemented.

The organization must plan and implement monitoring, measurement, analysis, and improvement processes to demonstrate compliance with philanthropic action requirements and continuously enhance the achievement of expected results and the effectiveness of the management system. This includes measuring the extent of philanthropic actions throughout their life cycle and may involve audits and the preparation of a Sustainability Report.

By implementing this management system, organizations ensure that their innovative social sustainability strategy is balanced, involving and responsible, concrete and coherent, standardized and adaptable to different contexts.


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