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In the world of crypto art

In 2022 Dynamo Art Factory celebrated 13 years of activity. The project, which has always been characterized by a continuous search for innovative languages, in the last two years it has crossed the digital frontier by continuing to pursue an inclusive and socially oriented vision of art.

Since 2009 Dynamo Art Factory has created something unique in the world of contemporary art: a project that has been able to combine the inspiration of the most important artists on the international scene with the imagination and enthusiasm of the Dynamo Camp kids. 130 artists took part in the workshops, creating more than 2,000 works together with the guests over the years. A production that includes every form and language that the art world can offer. Art Factory opens a dialogue between young people and all expressions of the contemporary world, offering an inclusive and accessible vision of art, capable of overcoming any type of physical and emotional obstacle. These 13 years have seen the participation of great masters, emerging artists and important figures of the international art scene in a path of continuous growth and evolution: from the collaboration with Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto with the most important museums in Italy, from the workshops with the parents of the family sessions to the pioneering ones with the greatest exponents of digital art. The adventure in the world of Crypto art began in 2021 thanks to the collaboration with the artists Fabio Giampietro, Mattia Cuttini and Giovanni Motta, who conducted workshops together with the boys, followed by the creation of NFTs works. «Meeting the energy of the children and young people of Dynamo Camp was an experience of amazement from both an artistic and human point of view», explains Fabio Giampietro. «I am convinced that the combination of their expressive ability, artistic language and the digital medium is an alchemy destined to bear fruit. After my experience, it was natural to involve other artist friends to take part in the adventure».The Crypto collection and collaborations continued throughout 2022 through the involvement of other artists who took part in the sessions at the Camp: Andrea Crespi, Matteo Mauro, Leonardo Petrucci, Alessandro D’Aquila and Melkio. The next step after involving the artists was to identify a space of excellence where to exhibit NFTs works and promote fundraising in favor of Dynamo. In March 2022 Art Factory was selected among the ten winners of the second Space Race organized by SuperRare, the most authoritative platform in the NFT art market, thus becoming Digital Gallery and placing itself among the top 15 galleries present. This space will give the opportunity to convey and promote the works created by digital artists and campers, paving the way for new forms of collecting. «Following the standards of excellence pursued over the years, the start of the journey in the world of Crypto Art was marked by the quality of the collaborations and the works created», says Diva Moriani, creator and director of Dynamo Art Factory. «Art Factory aims to provide new fundraising tools through art, guiding the donors who have been supporting Dynamo’s activities for years and exploring new possibilities of expression in the digital world with the artists».At the beginning of summer, the exhibition CRYPTO FUN! was inaugurated on the platform, with a first release of the works created in 2021. NFTs are visible in the SuperRare Community section This first selection of works will be joined by those created over the summer and all will be available against donation through a charity auction organized in conjunction with a virtual exhibition in the metaverse.

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