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In the world of crypto art

In 2022, Dynamo Art Factory celebrated its 13th year of operation. The project has always been known for its relentless pursuit of innovative artistic expressions, and in the last two years, it boldly ventured into the digital realm while maintaining a strong commitment to inclusive and socially conscious art.

Since its establishment in 2009, Dynamo Art Factory has achieved something truly extraordinary in the contemporary art world: a project that successfully merges the inspiration of prominent international artists with the boundless imagination and passion of the kids at Dynamo Camp. More than 130 artists have participated in workshops, collaboratively creating over 2,000 breathtaking works alongside our esteemed guests. This artistic production encompasses every form and language that the art world has to offer. Art Factory fosters a dynamic dialogue between young individuals and the diverse expressions of the contemporary world, promoting an inclusive and accessible vision of art that can overcome any physical or emotional obstacles.

Throughout these 13 years, we’ve had the honor of hosting renowned masters, emerging talents, and influential figures from the international art scene, embarking on a journey of continuous growth and evolution. We’ve collaborated with Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto and some of Italy’s most significant museums, conducted workshops with families and parents, and even ventured into groundbreaking projects with leading digital artists.

Our foray into the world of Crypto art began in 2021, thanks to the brilliant collaboration with artists Fabio Giampietro, Mattia Cuttini, and Giovanni Motta. Together, we conducted workshops with the kids and created mesmerizing NFTs works. Fabio Giampietro described the experience as astonishing, both artistically and on a human level, and he firmly believes that the combination of the kids’ expressive abilities, artistic language, and the digital medium is a potent alchemy destined for greatness. This success led us to involve more of our artist friends, including Andrea Crespi, Matteo Mauro, Leonardo Petrucci, Alessandro D’Aquila, and Melkio, in Crypto art and collaborative projects throughout 2022.

Taking it up a notch, we set our sights on finding a prestigious venue to showcase the outstanding NFTs works and channel our fundraising efforts in support of Dynamo. Our determination paid off when, in March 2022, Art Factory was selected as one of the top ten winners in the second Space Race organized by SuperRare, a leading platform in the NFT art market. This honor elevated Art Factory to the status of a Digital Gallery, securing its place among the top 15 galleries on the platform. This space serves as a perfect platform to showcase the breathtaking creations of digital artists and campers, leading the way for exciting new possibilities in collecting art.

Diva Moriani, the brilliant mind behind Dynamo Art Factory, expressed her pride in the outstanding collaborations and top-tier works that marked our journey into the realm of Crypto Art. But our mission doesn’t stop at art alone; we are passionate about using art as a powerful tool for fundraising, supporting the donors who have faithfully supported Dynamo’s activities over the years and exploring innovative avenues for artistic expression in the digital realm, together with our talented artists.

As summer kicked off, we couldn’t contain our excitement, and we proudly inaugurated the exhibition CRYPTO FUN! on the SuperRare platform. This exhibit featured a thrilling selection of works created in 2021 that left everyone amazed and inspired. You can spot these electrifying NFTs in the SuperRare Community section ( And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Throughout the summer, we continued creating even more awe-inspiring works, which will all be available for donation through a charity auction, coinciding with a stunning virtual exhibition in the metaverse.

Dynamo Art Factory – where creativity knows no bounds and art ignites positive change, leaving everyone inspired and in awe! So, join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine the art world, one electrifying creation at a time. Let’s make magic together!

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