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Recreational Therapy goes to school

The method introduced to Italy by Dynamo Camp and applied in the socio-health field at an international level has produced its first graduates, thanks to the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. The university recognized its scientific validity and developed an academic course of study. Now, preparations are underway for masterclasses tailored for companies, while Dynamo Academy continues its workshops accredited by the Miur.

Recreational Therapy has much to teach us. The inaugural graduates of the Level I Master in Recreational Therapy, conducted by Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in collaboration with Dynamo Academy, completed their post-graduate studies in July 2020. The most compelling theses were presented during a live video on Corriere della Sera and featured in Buone Notizie on newsstands. Some of the thesis topics included “Recreational Therapy Path for Burn-out Nurses” and “Recreational Therapy as an integrated practice in a family-centered rehabilitation service for autonomy.” Additionally, there were explorations on “Recreational Therapy Interventions with adolescents with psychiatric disorders: scientific evidence and exploratory proposals for practical application” and “Recreational Therapy at school as a tool for inclusive teaching.”

Corporate Masterclasses

The collaboration between Dynamo Academy and Vita Salute University aims to expand the knowledge and application of this valuable tool to the corporate world. They plan to create tailor-made Masterclasses for companies interested in providing targeted paths for their employees. This initiative is open to employees in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, cooperatives, associations, social and health care entities, as well as other organizations that value the empowerment and awareness of their members as active contributors to the Common Good.

Dynamo Method Workshop

For those seeking a brief yet comprehensive study in the field of Recreational Therapy, Dynamo Camp offers the opportunity to participate in a workshop at Limestre. The Dynamo Method workshop spans two full-time days and offers an interdisciplinary structure, combining theoretical and practical modules in the unique setting of Dynamo Camp. The program includes an introductory phase covering history and reference theories, followed by a training phase focused on experiential education methodologies and the sharing of creative processes. The workshop is essential for educators, sports coaches, social health professionals, and education specialists, but it can be valuable for all caregivers. Moreover, Dynamo Academy is accredited by the Miur for this workshop, which means it is recognized as a training provider for management, teaching, administrative, technical, and auxiliary staff outside the school system. This accreditation enables teachers to access the program through the education system, allowing Dynamo Academy to contribute to the education of future generations.


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