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National Geographic in Oasis Adventure

For the first time in Italy, the Oasi Dynamo nature reserve hosted 14 explorers from all over the world. Here, they showcased their studies, underwent training, and learned new ways to amplify the impact of their scientific research for the preservation of the Earth.

It was a week of international meetings and training in the heart of Tuscany. From September 6th to 11th, the Oasi nature reserve Dynamo welcomed, for the first time in Italy, the National Geographic International Explorer Meeting. Fourteen explorers from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central America gathered in the heart of Tuscany to present their studies, receive training, and discover novel approaches to increase the influence and reach of their scientific research and conservation projects on Earth. Since 1890, the National Geographic Society has been supporting the work of 14,000 explorers across all continents. These explorers are highly inquisitive scholars, driven by a passion for our planet and its preservation.

They are outstanding researchers in their respective fields, receiving funding and support from the National Geographic Society to enhance and protect the wonders of our world. Their work goes beyond the current challenges; they propose solutions and inspire change. Their areas of expertise cover five main fields of study: oceans, land, wildlife, history and cultures of humankind, and human ingenuity. Their mission is to illuminate and safeguard the marvels of the world through science, exploration, education, and storytelling.

The Oasi nature reserve Dynamo hosted this diverse group of photographers, ecologists, archaeologists, educators, and marine scientists at Oasyhotel. They participated in sessions on public speaking, storytelling, and photography. In the spirit that distinguishes the National Geographic Society, the explorers also showcased and shared their own works with a select audience, including institutional representatives and local guests. They presented important research findings on flora, fauna, and climate, arriving at new conclusions and solutions for environmental defense and, consequently, the well-being of humanity.

During their stay, the explorers also engaged in team-building programs designed and organized by Oasi Dynamo. Outdoor activities like mountain biking, orienteering challenges, and astronomical observations allowed them to immerse themselves in over a thousand hectares of pristine nature. The Oasi Dynamo nature reserve provided an extraordinary and unparalleled setting for this unique event.

In addition to the National Geographic Adventure Explorer Program, several representatives from National Geographic were present, including Marco Cattaneo, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Magazine Italia, as well as senior executives from the National Geographic Society HQ in Washington: Alex Moen – Chief Explorer Engagement Officer, and Crystal Brown – Chief Communications, Marketing, and Brand Officer.

“The experience at Oasi Dynamo was outstanding! Sharing time with our National Geographic Explorers in this beautiful natural environment was truly special,” says Crystal Brown emotionally. For Oasis Dynamo, hosting one of the world’s most prestigious scientific and educational institutions is both a privilege and an essential part of their ongoing efforts to build a better future.

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