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Our Story

Dynamo The Good Company is an outdoor clothing brand born in Dynamo Camp, the first Therapeutic Recreation Camp in Italy, hosting children and teenagers suffering from serious and chronic diseases, free of charge for holidays and leisure.

Inspiration came by observing the very garments worn by the staff and volunteers “in action” during activities at the Camp.

Thus, clothing and accessories were created, with a high technical component but designed to be first of all comfortable, simple and functional, suitable for any season of the year.

Dynamo The Good Company promotes a new business model that is committed to the Common Good.

It donates the entire profit to projects of the Dynamo Foundation.

Latest Stories

When life is extraordinary

The social distancing imposed by the lockdown has pushed Dynamo to explore innovative ways to bring the benefits of Recreational

Radio speaker for a week

Since 2009, every year Linus and Nicola Savino have hosted children, volunteers and families by supporting the communication and fundraising

Authenticity always wins

It’s a natural style for Dynamo. It is the desire to smile always, to commit oneself without the desire to

Let’s work in the nature

Strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, cheeses and yogurt are among the main products of Oasi Dynamo Società Agricola, which since 2015 has

Being discreet is my job

At Dynamo, doctors and nurses manage the most diverse and complex pathologies in each session. But nobody notices them because

I trust you

Thanks to Recreational Therapy and an engaging but never intrusive approach, campers acquire self-awareness, discovering new learning possibilities, with long-term

An ever lasting emotion

Music is an intangible but fundamental element at Camp. Each playlist is selected to arouse particular sensations when the campers

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